Announcement on Listing of junca Cash (JCC) and Launch of Double Rewards Share 20,000 USDT worth of JCC (0818)

Dear users


BiKi platform will be listing junca Cash (JCC) and opening trading for JCC/USDT and the specific details are as follows:


1. Opening time for deposit: 2020/08/19, 12:00 (GMT +8)

2. Opening time for trading: 2020/08/19, 12:00 (GMT +8)

3. Opening time for withdrawal: 2020/08/21, 12:00 (GMT +8)


At the same time, to celebrate the official listing, JCC and BiKi jointly launch “JCC Special Subscription – Mainstream Token Holder Session” and the details are as follows:


Activity 1: JCC Best Grid Profit Award

Activity period: 2020/08/19, 12:00 – 2020/08/26, 24:00 (GMT +8)

During the activity period, users who participate in the JCCUSDT grid trading will be ranked by their JCC “grid profit” and receive below rewards according to their ranking.


Top 1: 38 JCC

Top 2: 28 JCC

Top 3: 18 JCC

4-10th: 8 JCC each

After 10th: to share 360 JCC in proportion


Applicable Grid trade pair: JCC/USDT

7D Annualized Profits (AI): to update in this announcement by 08/19, 12:00 (GMT +8)


Grid Trading Tutorial:



Activity 2: JCC Telegram Bounty

Activity period: 2020/08/20, 08:00 – 2020/08/27, 08:00 (GMT +8)

Rules: During the activity period, simply join junca Cash (JCC) Platform Fan Group ( and complete the specified bounty tasks to collect points and earn rewards. The higher the points, the higher the rewards.


For instructions on the bounty tasks/rewards, please join junca Telegram now:



Important Reminder:

1. Wash trading or self-trading will not be accounted and shall be excluded.

2. After the activity, the user’s cumulative JCC “grid profits” during the activity will be consolidated.

3. Each UID can only claim the rewards once so if user wins in both awards, he/she will only be awarded with the higher award as determined by the platform.

4. The grid trading activity is only from 2020/08/19, 12:00 – 2020/08/26, 24:00 (GMT +8) so please cancel all pending orders at the end of the activity otherwise all pending orders will be cancelled by the system and assets will be returned accordingly.

5. The rewards will be distributed not later than 2020/09/07.

7. In order to ensure the fairness of the activities, cheating behaviors such as wash trades, self-trading, bulk registration etc. are strictly prohibited, and in the event of such violations, BiKi platform reserve the rights to disqualify the user(s) immediately. The final interpretation rights of the activity will be in the sole discretion of BiKi platform.


Token Introduction:

Name: junca Cash

Ticker: JCC

Total Supply: 130000000

Official website:

Block explorer:


Project Introduction:

JCC was developed for enhancement of Asian economies, which provides features of cross border remittance, settlement, and educational support.  junca Global Group of Company signed MOU with Acts-OFW aiming at 30% share of its cross-border remittance.


Note: The above information is for reference only.


Risk Reminder:

1. Investing in digital assets comes with high risks due to huge price fluctuations. Before investing, please have a full understanding of all the risks of investing in digital assets and be prudent of your own investment decisions.

2. In view of the possible changes in the global regulatory environment and to ensure compliance with the local laws, users from China, Singapore and other countries/regions are advised to consult a lawyer in their country/region before

participating in the transaction. BiKi reserves the right to terminate the provision of services at any time to users who may violate the relevant laws of the country/region in which they are located.

3. BiKi and employees will not recommend, guide or encourage you to invest in any project in any way. Please ensure that investment decisions are made independently.

4. BiKi does not participate in private sale of any projects nor primary market sale or related locked position activities. Please ensure that you understand all public information of the project before making any investment decisions.

5. BiKi supports and recognizes the relevant provisions of KYC/AML (anti-money laundering) rules & regulations for users in countries and regions operationally. Please make sure that the source of assets is legal, and the identity information is true and valid.


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Thank you for your support, and we look forward to your valuable opinions.


BiKi Team