News of WBF exchange listing and how to register for WBF exchange

Dear all junca Point members,

“News of WBF exchange listing and how to register for WBF exchange”

The rainy season will end by July, but the world is still under the state of emergency because of the pandemic of COVID-19.
We pray for world peace and hope the problem is resolved ASAP.

Now, in such a world situation, junca cash is finally listed on the WBF exchange on the Singapore exchange on July 15.

With this listing, it became possible to trade in the world coin market, so it is established as an international digital currency(crypto assets).

In other words, junca cash has become an official digital currency in the world’s crypto asset market, same category to BTC and Ethereum.

Since listing last week, it has been gaining international attention in the crypto asset market and transaction prices have risen.(The initial price was 0.51USD and now the price is almost 40USD)

You can check the JCC activity on the WBF exchange open list.

[How to register for WBF exchange]
Please follow “How to register for WBF” on the web site to register for WBF exchange as below.
After you registered completely, you can buy JCC on WBF exchange by USDT.

And also you can check the JCC activity on the web site as below.

Please look forward to the development of the project in the future.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes for your health and success.

junca Platform Project Management