junca Cash is the key currency of junca platform.
The junca platform aims to be a platform that helps strengthen the Asian economy
and achieve world peace through financial services such as international money transfer, currency exchange, and on/offline payments.
The junca platform will also be used for donations and scholarship projects to benefit society.

junca platform
Project information

The junca platform project will utilize Blockchain technology, which is expected to undergo fundamental reforms and innovations in payments, currencies, finance, etc., to make the economy and distribution in the Asian region smoother.

In addition, aiming to develop human resources in Asia who are showing fluid movements, we will promote efforts to further improve human resources value, such as establishing educational institutions, vocational training schools, and scholarship systems.

We are confident that these efforts will lead to world peace.

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The junca Group Company's
corporate philosophy

"From beauty to social business, based on the idea that contributing to the economic reform in Asia will lead to world peace."

Bringing innovation to beauty, junca is now on its second step, of evolving the beauty industry even more.

Our quest for beauty will be complete when everything transforms right and pure.

Details of juncaplatform

The junca platform provides fintech and crypto services to enable domestic and overseas remittances, exchanges and payments at ATMs, cards, wallet services, etc., and realizes lower fees.

We are thinking this is going to be a big step toward enriching the lives of people in Asia, including the Philippines.

junca Platform Application
has been released

JCC WALLET アプリイメージ画像

The junca Platform project, which is revolutionizing WEB 3.0 in Asia, finally released the first version of its comprehensive financial application "junca Platform" on April 12, 2022!

junca platform is designed to be an easy operational crypto app suitable for complete beginner crypto holders.

It enables to further develop the Asian economy by enabling domestic and international remittances, exchange, and payment via ATMs, credit/debit cards, and wallets.

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Humanitarian assistance program
by junca platform

The junca project is using a portion of its proceeds to fund humanitarian aid programs in Asia.
In the future, we will focus on the education sector and establish vocational training schools.


Junca Platform Junca Platform

JCC is the native token of junca Chain and the main currency of the project. It will be used as the utility token within the junca Network and can also be used as a governance token for the network at the same time.

Using the high performance and low fee junca Chain, users can benefit from cheaper and faster international remittance service and a range of other financial services provided through junca Platform.

Where to buy juncacash

The first round was held towards the Singapore Market (July 2020-March 2021) About three weeks after the listing, the price was 80 times higher at one point, showing great excitement and promising result.

Finally, the second round of junca Cash (JCC) marketing will be held in the European market, the leading edge of crypto assets.

junca Cash (JCC) is currently scheduled to be available for trade on major trading platforms.

You can purchase directly from junca group which manages juncacash.
If you wish to purchase, please contact us using the form below.
Jcc will be sent to the wallet of your choice.

Has won various awards

Even the mis-con winners of the world and celebriti es are visiting junca salon. We were featured by newspaper, TV show and oth er media with credibility

Our challenge is to make Asians economy bigger, with the theme of "beauty", junca group will connect the world. We create and expand the platform of junca that connects people around the world.

junca group tries to make the world no worries people and peace.

We made an effort on the running of junca salon, through this business, got much know-how, what do we need to do in the Philippines.

Then, this business, junca platform will be the best way to solve the Philippine's economic matters.
We continue to contribute for Filipino.