Thank you for your JGP application.

Thank you for your JGP application./ 申請ありがとうございました。

●The next steps

1.Please click on the link below to go to JGP point management site, and create your own account.

2.We will reflect your request to the account you created in “Step 1”.(Please allow about 3 business days for you to confirm the reflection.)



・When you create your own account, the email address should be the same as the one you entered when you applied for JGP.

・If your nickname is different from the one you used when you registered for junca points, it may take some time to be reflected.

・Even if you apply, if we are unable to verify your junca points, we may not be able to reflect them.


●Please create your JGP point account.

Please click here to create your account.