【Notice】junca Global Chain new standard will be released

Thank you very much for supporting our project. We are pleased to announce that we will soon be releasing a new standard of junca Global Chain, a high performance proprietary chain.

About junca Global Chain

junca Global Chain is an EVM compatible and scalable public blockchain, which is using PoSV consensus and at the same time allowing to deploy any smart-contract written for Ethereum Network with almost immediate transaction confirmation time. junca Global Chain provides borderless financial services that are accessible to everyone and are not restricted by national or racial borders.

New standard will be released

A Developer’s Guide for future development on the junca Global Chain is available.
Please click here.

In every blockchain ecosystem the token functions as the central element of a new type of economy. A token standard defines a set of rules that governs its issuance and use. You may be familiar with ERC (Ethereum Request for Comments), which is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum. This terminology is the origin of TRC tokens — the equivalent of ERC on JuncaChain.
As new standards, there are three token standards on JuncaChain so far, each with its own unique function including JRC20, JRC21, and JRC721. These token standards can be divided into two different categories: fungible and non-fungible tokens. Fungible tokens are all equal and divisible, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all distinct and non-divisible.
Non-fungible tokens of the type JRC721 are those that represent a unique asset, like a certificate or a collectible in-game item. Fungible tokens are interchangeable and can be divided into smaller token units like junca. The fungible token standard includes JRC20 and JRC21 as digital assets used to offer access to products and/or services on a platform.

The junca Platform app will be updated

The junca Platform app will be updated over the next 18 months according to the roadmap above.

This time, in addition to the renewal of the design,
– Addition of ERC20 tokens
– Real-time token price display
we have made significant improvements to the wallet to improve its functionality, including the following.

It is designed to further develop the Asian economy by enabling domestic and international remittances, exchange and payment via ATMs, cards and wallets.
-Domestic and international remittances.
– Issuance of credit/debit cards
– Opening an account linked to a credit/debit card
– QR code payments
– The actual purchase of goods through any means of payment.
The plan is to provide a product that can become a new standard as a daily companion for users by enabling them to complete financial activities in their daily lives through a single app.

You can download the junca Platform App from below.
For Android
For iOS

junca Holdings will continue to promote its efforts based on the philosophy that “contributing to economic reforms in Asia will lead to world peace”. Thank you for your continued support

2023, 10/10
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