The Press Conference of the Philippine Blockchain Week

Thank you for supporting our project and we are pleased to announce that a press conference was held in Manila ahead of Philippine Blockchain Week 2023.

Philippine Blockchain Week 2023 will take place from September 18 to 22, at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Newport World Resorts in Manila. The annual convention, which was created to facilitate the education and promote the growth of blockchain technology in the Philippines, will bring together international and local thought leaders from the digital and blockchain industries to discuss the sector’s most pressing issues and biggest opportunities. The event will feature sessions with renowned experts about blockchain, fintech and the metaverse, workshops, a business exhibition, startup pitch competitions and tournaments, as well as networking sessions.

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A press conference was held in Manila ahead of Philippine Blockchain Week 2023. At the press conference, government agencies, The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), announced their support for the 2023 Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW). DICT Director Ms. Emmy Lou Delfin and DTI Director Mr. Jo-Dann Darong addressed the conference and announced that the Philippine Blockchain Week will be the first of its kind in the country. discussed how Philippine Blockchain Week will fulfill the government’s commitment to promoting domestic cooperation, innovation, and digitization.

This year’s Philippine Blockchain Week is themed “BRKOUT” and aims to break out of conventions and comfort zones, encourage people to break out of old habits, embrace new opportunities, and break from the pack to become leaders in the blockchain field. The event attracts thousands of attendees from various industries and regions around the world and brings together some of the most influential leaders in the blockchain and crypto industry. Government officials and experts who attended the press conference expressed their support for promoting a society-wide approach to integrating blockchain technology into the industry. As blockchain integration continues to grow in the Philippines, we can expect to see more use cases of this technology in all industries.

Dr. Hisayuki Nagatome, CEO of junca Holdings, was appointed as the director of Blockchain Council of the Philippines. The signing ceremony and press conference are posted on junca Holdings official channel.

The press conference was covered by major Philippine TV stations and other media.


With the announcement from the Office of the President of the Philippines, it is clear that digitalization has been identified as a priority in the Philippines and that the country will focus on promoting it. With this important policy, the Philippines is focusing on innovative initiatives to sustain economic growth and development. As part of this effort, the upcoming Philippine Blockchain Week will focus on blockchain technology, which plays an important role in the Philippine economy. The event will actively engage in efforts to promote the adoption and widespread use of blockchain technology with the aim of facilitating economic activity, increasing transparency, and streamlining business processes in the Philippines. The junca Platform Project is also pursuing various initiatives to contribute to the Philippine economy.

We will focus on providing innovative digital solutions to the Philippines through the provision of ecosystems, and further contribute to the economic activities in the Philippines by promoting close collaboration with our government partners and key corporate partners.

junca Holdings will continue to promote its efforts based on the philosophy that “contributing to economic reforms in Asia will lead to world peace”. Thank you for your continued support

2023, 7/13
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