junca cash featured in the Philippine Eagle News.

junca Cash, the key currency of the junca platform, which helps to strengthen the Asian economy and achieve world peace through financial services such as overseas remittances, currency exchange, and on/offline payments.

junca Cash was featured in a program on Eagle News, a television station that has a strong support from OFWs and a global audience in the Philippines.

The show is hosted by Philippine Congressman John Bertiz, who broadcasts weekly informative information for OFWs.

Congressman John Bertiz represents ACT-OFW, a governmental organization that sends and supports OFWs and being partnership with junca group company, as well as the BP2 program (Balik probinsya-Bagong pag-asa rural development) created as part of the National Revitalization Plan of COVID19. (an acronym for New Hope for the Philippines), the core program of TESDA, an organization that promotes job training and re-education programs for Filipino locals returning from the cities to the countryside and OFWs returning to the Philippines, was recently selected as the Deputy Secretary of TESDA.

Senator John Burtis is a key figure in the structural reform of not only the Philippine economy, but also the country rebilding from pandemic
Senator John Burtis has been paying attention to the junca platform and junca Cash with an eye to the future of the Philippine government and the digitalization of the currency, and has highlighted its reliability and potential in his program.

junca Cash is being promoted in the Philippines by not only the media, but also by the members of Congress who are active in the current administration.

The program is broadcast throughout the Philippines on UHF waves and is also known for its interactive nature, connecting with OFWs all over the world through its Youtube channel and facebook Live, as well as answering questions via live chat during the program with thousands of viewers everyweek.

The program is broadcasted in Tagalog, but we encourage you to watch it.

Below is the archive link, you can check It out now.